Rubber mats are used in homes, workplaces and cars. They are corrosion resistant as well as they resist against the slips providing a firm grip to walk on. If you are planning to use these rubber mats on most of the places in your home then it could be costly for you. With the help of molding rubber you can easily create many rubber mats. This method is simple and you feel easy to make it.

Instructions For Mold Rubber Floor Mats

  • Take a large piece of Plexiglas or plastic and put a mat on it leaving three inches on all sides. Put hot glue on it.
  • Take a box of ¼ boards and assemble it around the mat. An empty space of 1 inch should be left. Using hot glue get the box together.
  • Get the box attached to the plastic using hot glue.
  • Check all the joints of the box.
  • Let the glue to cool.
  • Take the petroleum jelly and with a brush apply it to the plastic surface, mat and the box from inner side.
  • Take fine grain gypsum like hydrocal and ultracal 30 and mix it with water. Follow the instructions given on the pack to mix it well. This is not so expensive so mix it more than you need.
  • Pour this mixed material on the box up to 1 inch thickness.
  • Using the rubber mallet tap the sides to dislodge the air bubbles.
  • Allow it to settle and after heating and cooling it exothermically it would be ready. Heating and cooling may take two hours.
  • Remove the box and take out the rubber mat. You have the mold prepared, pour liquid rubber into it so that you can make more copies.

In case of fitness centers and gyms, they have a lot of available space and there are no worries about storing equipment, as the exercise equipments or other stuff is always out and ready to be used. But with home gyms, the issue of storing equipments arises at the times when the equipments are not in use. Therefore, gym mats are appropriate for use in home gyms. They can be easily stored and are also light weight and durable. Since, the home gym mats are available in an extensive variety of sizes, colors and shapes made from different materials, so before coming to a decision, it is always recommended to consider what kind of work out you do or will be doing and the way you are going to use those gym mats.

There are some gym mats that are intended to be used by only a single person, and are very light weight and handy. For many exercises, even a simple yoga mat will work fine for you such as stretching exercises. If you are more into stretching exercises then you would not require a lot of space and so you can use yoga mat or even sleeping pad for camping purposes. However for other exercises that require a great deal of room and a larger footprint, there are a number of other options available. A mat with vinyl cover and foamed center tends to be ideal for the exercises requiring to user to spend a lot of time on the ground. Wrestling mats also work fine for this purpose, they are soft but also thick enough for preventing the foam from compressing and reducing injury risks.

For other workouts like weight training, it is best for you to go for heavier duty mats. As the name indicates, the mats are heavier than the other typical gym mats, likely to be stayed at one place, as being bulky to easily move around. What makes these mats ideal is their ability to provide added cushioning on the feet that will help the body when it is weighed down with extra weight.